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Vauxhall Astra VXR Windscreen Replacement

Vauxhall Astra VXR Windscreen Replacement

Old windscreen removed using either razor wire (removal of inner A-pillar trims required) or Kent tool, both these tools can be used without causing any damage to the vehicle. Once the screen has been removed intact the old polyurethane bond line should be cut back to 1-2mm in thickness making sure you don”t scratch the aperture. Clean the surface and bond line next using approved glass cleaner (wipe on/wipe off) removing all traces of grime from the aperture. Should any damage or bare metal be showing on the aperture then a rust inhibitor / anti-corrosion primer MUST be used (2 coats).

Once the glass is prepped and ready then application of the polyurethane is next, make sure you have cut the right size nozzle in a ”V” shape and apply using a barrel gun or caulking gun (Milwaukee is our choice of weapon). Apply the polyurethane to the old bond line with as few joins as possible (some vehicles require glass to be glued instead of body), make sure you smooth all joints removing any trapped air.

The average polyurethane working time is between 8 – 15 minutes.

Lift the glass into place making sure position is correct and evenly spaced at both sides and along the top. The windscreens for this model of Astra are encapsulated so trim is already attached to the edge of the glass. Rebuild vehicle and check windscreen wipers are positioned correctly (you”ll be surprised how many companies do not check the wipers!) Safe drive away time is 1hr with all glass weighing up to 49kg.